Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You Shouldn’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket, or Should You?

For my birthday this year a dear friend gave me this cute chicken wire basket. She knew that my kitchen was decorated with roosters and she told me she knew I could probably do something really cute with it. I thanked her for her confidence in me. 

I immediately had an idea but now to see how it would look.
I had purchased some paper mache eggs for a different project that I ended up not doing, at least not yet anyway. Go figure, huh?

Gel Medium is my favorite adhesive for projects like this one. It comes in matte or gloss; it won’t wrinkle the paper; and it won’t yellow over time.

I began applying a coat of Matte Gel to the paper mache egg.

Next, I tore strips of paper from an old hymnal and adhered them to the egg. Don’t worry, I have several of these hymnals and I only use this one for special projects so it is okay :)

Once I had a section complete I went over the top and applied more matte gel to seal the paper.

I continued this process until the egg was completely covered with the sheet music.

Once the gel medium was completely dry, I applied just a drop of Antiquing medium to the egg and used a brush to spread the color over the entire egg.


I quickly wiped off the excess with a paper towel until the desired effect had been achieved.  

To get a speckled effect, I splattered a bit of the antique medium onto the egg. I filled the basket with natural grass and tied a checkered red ribbon to the center. When the eggs were dry I added them to the basket and hung it on the wall.


I love how this basket adds just the right touch to this wall.

  • Paper Mache Eggs (Hobby Lobby) 
  • Gel Medium, matte (Liquitex) 
  • Antiquing Medium (Folk Art) 
  • Book Pages 
  • Natural Grass (American Moss) 
  • Ribbon 
  • Basket

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