Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Girl Can Play!

If you are wondering where I have been, I have been getting ready for my son’s high school graduation. I know, kinda late in the year but when you homeschool, nothing seems to run on a “regular” schedule.

Grandma arrived Thursday evening and then my son’s girlfriend’s family arrived Friday morning. Justin showed W. the creek and the first thing she did was fall in. LOL  I didn’t get pictures because I didn’t even know they were back there.


After getting her clothes changed they decided that playing catch might be more in order for the day. She played catch a lot better than I can – at least that is what Justin said.


When they got tired of playing catch we loaded up and went to town to do a little shopping. Of course, Justin wanted to go. Now that is a first!!

Bridge-Sitting Bridge-Standing 

While shopping he decided that this Oklahoma Sooner needed an Aggie shirt if she was going to be spending time in Texas!

For her first visit to Texas she really did well, even after falling in the creek…..

I will have more pictures to show you including some of the things I made for the graduation so stay tuned!

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