Thursday, October 21, 2010

Graduation Day!

It is probably one of the first major milestones that a young person reaches in their young lives. It is a day that is looked forward to for many reason which differ from person to person.
I have homeschooled my son for the past 18 years – yes, you read that correctly, 18 years! I have taught him since the day he was born. The most important thing that I have taught him is to love God with all of his heart and follow after Him.
I can remember times when I wanted to quit – days when I did quit LOL Days filled with laughter and days filled with tears, but through it all, and only by God’s precious grace, we made it this far.
Justin wants to pursue a career in the Veterinary field and has already attained a few goals and certifications in that area. I know God will continue to lead and guide him in the direction that He would have him to go.
This is the three of us with my mother-in-law before the ceremony.
Justin with his grandma
This is W. and Justin. I think she was rather proud of her beau that day.
Mickey prepared a very nice speech and gave opportunity for everyone to speak before presenting Justin with his diploma.
I guess I should mention here, that this is the first time Justin has worn a coat and tie since he was little and I made him wear it.
Fondly referred to as “Chickenwing”, our neighbor prepared some of the most delicious Bar-b-que for the occasion! He even stuck around and served it up and washed dishes afterwards. I need to see if I can hire him a lot more often! LOL
Do you remember your high school graduation? I do and I wish it had been more like this day we had.
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