Friday, October 22, 2010

Pickin’ and Grinnin’ with the Hillbilly Band

I know you are probably getting tired of all of my graduation pictures, but you really didn’t think all I did every day of the week is craft now did ya?  I gotta have me some family time too!

My son’s girlfriend’s family is extremely musically talented. They can make music out of just about anything as you will see in these pictures. I wish I had brought my video camera but I didn’t.


  We started out in the backyard with Jordan and Bro. Maxon playing on their guitars.


Sis. Maxon and Sis. Williams (not shown) were singing and having a good time.  

If you have ever heard me mention “the woods” well, this is it. We found a clearing on our property and my husband put in a fire pit and we also have chairs and a picnic table back here. We have plans of building a permanent structure back here as well. j-and-w-by-fire

Justin and W. getting warm by the fire. We were going to cook hotdogs and make S’mores.

Jordan (W.’s brother) totally cracked me up with all of his musical ability. He was the instrumental (no pun intended) part in making up our “Hillbilly Band”.hillbilly-band

He took the grate that sits on the fire pit and was using the hot dog forks as drum sticks so he could play the drums.


Here he is using a piece of wood on the grate to make a sorta “washboard” sound. The child not only has talent but imagination too! Mickey actually had a piece of wood and real drumsticks that he was playing on.


Finally an instrument we all recognize – a guitar! LOL I am not sure if it was as much fun to play, but he sure can pick the fire out of a guitar!

Do you enjoy sitting around a campfire singing?

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