Saturday, November 13, 2010

la fleuriste

My sitting room is the first room you see when you walk in the backdoor. It is also what everyone refers to as the "girl room". It has soft colors of yellow, mauve, and green with white accents. It is very feminine or at least as feminine as this country can get.
Back in September I asked my son if he would make me a little planter box out of scrap pieces of barnwood we had laying around. I am so glad that he is handy with a saw because I sure am not. In a matter of 15 minutes he had my little box all made.
When you enter through the backdoor I have a partial wall with a cut out that you can see into my dining room and kitchen area. I have thought about getting a stained glass piece to hang in this area but I never came up with something that I really liked. Then one day I had a “light bulb moment”. I decided on a planter box that would hold some old frappuccino bottles that a neighbor had given me.
Once my son made the box we brought it inside to make sure that it fit in the space and to see how the bottles would look.
 box-unfinished The box fit perfectly but I was going to need one more bottle. Good thing I had plenty more :)
I really liked the rustic look of the box but it really didn’t go with the sitting room which is done in soft shades of yellow, mauve, and green with white accents.
I thought about making a white wash paint for the box but then I decided to take it outside and give it a light dusting of Rust-oleum White spray paint. The light breeze outside along with holding the can at least a foot away from the box and I got a beautiful whitewashed finish in just minutes!
I made a stencil from some scrap cardstock using my Silhouette machine and used some pink acrylic paint to add “la fleuriste” to the front of the box. I removed all of the labels from the frappuccino jars; added a ribbon around the middle jar; picked a wildflower from our back pasture; and my box was finished!
All of the items to make this little gem was found around the house so it is basically a “FREE” project! Oh yeah! I love free projects!!
I have since changed out the flower for a pretty silk mum in a goldenrod color. As the Christmas season approaches I plan on using berries and holly to replace the existing mum.
This is such a bright, cheery spot to welcome guests when they come for a visit.
Have you made any free projects lately?
Or maybe a project that just makes you happy?

This project is happily linked to Some Places I Visit!
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