Monday, November 8, 2010

Quilting and more with Crafty Mummy

Today I am very excited to introduce you to Crafty Mummy! She is one talented lady and if we lived closer, I think I would want her to teach me how to quilt! She is awesome! Actually, if the truth be know, I would probably just watch and she would quilt.

Hi! I'm Crafty Mummy. Thanks for inviting me, Tammy.
I'm a SAHM in Queensland, Australia.
I blog at Mummy Crafts about my passions - and there are a few!
(Clicking on the pictures should take you to more info)
Lately my favourite is patchwork and quilting.
I've made a couple of baby quilts earlier in the year.
And this is the baby quilt I'm working on right now.
But I've also been know to make bags,
and bean bags,
and clothes, among other things.
I also knit, and crochet occasionally,
and scrapbook.
My blog is my place to share all of these things
and I share my blogging tips too.
You can find me on Twitter and BlogFrog.
I'd love you to drop by for a visit.
Make sure you let me know when you do :)
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