Thursday, November 25, 2010


The life of a Christian is not an easy one as people may assume. Jesus said that we must take up our cross daily and follow after Him. Does this mean that we must walk around downcast and with a look of despair? Why no! It does mean that trials and troubles will come our way but we have a friend that will stick closer than a brother to us while we walk the path of this life.

Today I want say that I am Thankful (and eternally indebted) to Jesus, who one day, saw past all of my faults and my failures, and realized that I was a soul worth saving.

I found this poem just a few days before my youngest son, Michael passed from this life and made his way into Heaven. It describes my life and what I believe because even in the midst of my darkest valley, I was, and still am, thankful.

If all my days were sunny,
could I say,
  "In His fair land He wipes all tears away”?

If I were never weary,
could I keep  this blessed truth,
  “He gives His loved ones sleep”?

If no grave were mine,
  I might come to deem
  the Life Eternal but a baseless dream.

My winter, and my tears,
  and weariness, even my
  grave, may be His way to bless.

I call them ills, yet that
  can surely be
  nothing but love that shows 
my Lord to me!
Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!
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