Friday, November 5, 2010

A View From the Bathroom Window!

This is a window in our bathroom. Yes, you read that correctly, this big window is directly above our garden tub in our bathroom. Thankfully we do not have neighbors that are close by but who wants to have the shades open then have someone drive up the driveway? LOL  This window definitely has privacy issues and I have also not added any type of window treatment in this room since we moved in. 
You can just imagine my excitement when Jess from Frugal with a Flourish contacted me and told me I had won a custom fit shade from Redi Shade
For this window I wanted privacy but I still wanted light to filter through the window. I chose the custom fit Light Filtering shade. My husband and I were both shocked at how quickly this shade installed. It was literally seconds and it was done. It took longer to take down the existing shade, and get my camera out for these photos than it did for the actual installation! DSC_0004 No strings, just a slight push and the shade goes up and with a slight pull the shade goes back down. These really are the perfect shades for any home. Now it was finally time to do something about dressing up this window a bit. I was in JC Penney and they had this valance and it was just perfect for this bathroom.
I was very excited about showing you these shades but it was rather difficult to photograph since these are light filtering. Anyway, you get the idea – and I LOVE these shades!
What would you do with a window like this in YOUR bathroom?
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