Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Before Cake Pops Were Cool

Years ago I used to decorate cakes and that requires some leveling of your cakes. This also means leftover cake pieces. I finally stumbled upon a way to use up those “scraps” – Cake Bites!
  • You take a cake and crumble it up;
  • add a can of store bought frosting (melted);
  • mix it all up;
  • form into balls;
  • dip in chocolate;
Voila! Cake Bites!
Now, I will admit, they are not as pretty as the Cake Pops I have been seeing lately, but I know they are good because my family and friends gobble them up!

If you are not familiar with Cake Pops, take a look at Sunny Bug’s Cake Pops. She does a beautiful job!

Now on to my Holiday Treats. Here is a tray of goodies that I am sending with son to his Christmas luncheon at work.
Holiday-TrayI used Chocolate and White Almond Bark to candy coat all of the goodies except the Pumpkin Muffins.
Chocolate-treats White-Chocolate-Treats

I covered pretzels, Oreo’s, and then you can see my lumpy Cake Bites in the Back.
Pumpkin-MuffinsIn the center are some Pumpkin Muffins that my family and friends have fallen in love with. You can find the recipe at Hoosier Homemade.

Have you gotten all of your holiday treats made?
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