Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hurricane Lamp Makeover

I acquired these a pair of hurricane lamps when my husband’s grandfather passed away. They never really went with my bedroom decor and so they have undergone several changes trying to make them “fit”.
1 I decided to take them apart and spray paint all of the metal surfaces except the “key”. I also removed the rolled paper from the inside of the glass bulb. Once the spray paint was dry, I added a Cardinal and some grass and dried flowers to the inside of the glass bulb.
I decided to let some of the “grass” spill out from under the glass bulb to give it more dimension. I then added a bit of sparkle by using 1/4” Sticky Tape and glitter from P K Glitz around the base and the top.
2 3

I reassembled the lamp and added a piece of ribbon around the neck of the lamp. I also added a different bulb although I think it would be really nice with one that flickers. I need to add that to my shopping list.

1 5
                                               Before                                                      After
I really like how just a coat of spray paint and a few supplies could transform this hurricane lamp from dab to something fabulous!
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