Thursday, December 23, 2010

Letting My True Colors Show

I’ve got a cold. A cold can make a person feel pretty miserable yet I can still function if I have a cold. My son’s girlfriend and her mother were scheduled to arrive the day my cold decided to take hold, full force. We only had one full day to do some fun things together so we started thinking about all of the things we could do then I had a brilliant idea – go to the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine, Texas and see all of Christmas displays. My husband got on the internet to find out that the “Ice” display was open and so we headed that way.

The weather was decent so I wore a jean skirt, a cotton top, my flats (no socks), and I took my sweater – just in case. Yes, all of this is relevant LOL

The hotel was decorated in grand splendor! These few pictures I am sharing here does not even begin to capture the atmosphere and beauty in this place.Ornaments

 Tree Ice-village Solidier  Me-.-Mickey(Here I am trying to smile but my nose is running and I can’t breath LOL)

Now, anyone who knows me, understands that I do NOT like the cold. If the temperature drops below 60 then I feel like a popsicle. Remember also that this whole trip was my idea, and that I did not dress for anything cooler than 60 degrees.

I thought it would be fun to go see the ice sculpture display. The theme was a “Charlie Brown Christmas”. It was $20 a person and they were averaging 800 people every 30 minutes going through this display. This must be something worth seeing, right? Keep in mind, this is an “ICE” display. We got our tickets but it would 1.5 hours before we could go in. By this time, the effects of the Tylenol I was taking had worn off so I got a bottle of water and took more Tylenol and then we looked around a little more. Finally it was time to enter and it meant waiting in line, but they had some of the most beautiful displays to look at while we were waiting.


It was our turn to enter “ICE!” – but first we have to watch a movie. It showed how the whole concept of this display was birthed and what all that it took to create the display we were about to see, and then I couldn’t believe my ears. Did they really say that they had to keep the display between 12 and 17 degrees? Surely not! After all, this is Texas and we will all freeze at such temperatures! Oh, they are going to give us all Parkas to wear… but what about my bare legs? Now I am thinking “Who’s idea was this anyway?” Oh yeah, it was mine! I must be crazy!!!

As we entered the display, I felt the first blast of cold air whip around my bare legs and I knew I was in trouble!


I am determined that I am not going to let the cold bother me. The ice was colored and it actually made all of the sculptures appear to be made of wax so I had to touch. Yep, it was definitely ice. It was all completely amazing but why in the world did it not occur to me that it would be cold in this place?

    Psychiatric-Help I guess I came to the right place to have my head examined! LOL I was actually just watching all of the people and I didn’t realize I was getting my picture taken. My “true colors” were really showing here!

Charlie-BrownCan you believe that all of this is made from ice? The light bulb ornaments were plastic but everything else was ice!


If I remember the story correctly, this is Linus telling the Christmas story.


Towards the end of the display they had a huge ice slide that you could go down. No, I did not participate in this but had I been dressed warmer and felt better, I think I would have.

If you ever get a chance to see this, I would put it on my list of things that you must do, but make sure you dress warm, even if it is 70 degrees outside.

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