Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10 of 2010!

This year I have met a lot of really great bloggers and I have also made some very special blog friends. It is amazing how a person can click a button and then all of a sudden they find themselves making new friends. Well, that is the heart of blogging and I am thankful for each and everyone of you have take the time to chat with me; drop me a sweet comment; or even just lurk in the background. You are each very special to me and you make what I do worth it all.

One of the most major things I did this year with my blog was to move it to a new address. It was a scary move for me because I didn’t know if you all would make the move with me or if I would lose you all and have to start over.

I was so happy when I found out that most of you would move with me and that I would make new friends with the move as well!

The Top 10 Blog Posts for 2010 are….

#10 - Moving Party 7/30/10

#9 – Ice Cream Buckets Transformed 4/4/10

#8 –
Autumn Candle Centerpiece 11/17/10

#7 - Sew? Do you sew? 8/17/10

#6 - Glitzy Bow Tutorial 11/16/10

#5 – Strawberries and Cream 6/1/10

#4 - Have you got your Prickley Pear? 08/11/10

#3 - It's not what I had in mind (Message Center) 10/25/10

#2 – Pasta and Paper? 9/12/10

#1 - Iwants vs. Grumpies 08/03/10

It was a lot of fun looking at what you found most interesting on my blog. My hope is that I can continue to inspire you to create beautiful projects in this coming year!

Have a very blessed and prosperous new year!

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