Monday, January 31, 2011

My (un)Organized Studio

I love to look at beautiful craft studios and dream of having one of my own, then I come back to reality and realize I have to work with what I have.
Don’t get me wrong, I feel very blessed to have the space that I do, but I have this secret obsession with storage containers, and baskets and bins, and…… well let’s just say that I Red heart IKEA and all office supply stores! I’ve never quite figured out that little quirk about myself – maybe one day I will.
I’ve been needing more table space and with a zero budget at the moment, I decided to rearrange some of my furniture.
This is how my studio used to look….DSC_0004
…and here is what I have done…. so far….
Left side
I took out the repurposed dining table and replaced it with a 6 foot folding table and a 3 foot square folding table. I then moved the shelves along the wall where my computer was at.
Shelves 1
You see that little table sitting under the window? Well, that is a sneak peek of an upcoming project. You will have to wait until warmer weather so it may be a couple of months.
Little Table
I moved my Silhouette, paints, and my “Work Bucket” to the corner table. I haven’t hung up my dry erase board yet because I need to make sure this set up is going to work before I put it in a permanent location. The table cloth is not a permanent item for this table but it was better than the ugly blue that is underneath it.
I replaced my repurposed dining table with a 6 foot folding table.  It doesn’t have the depth of the other table, but I like how it gives more room behind me and makes the room look more open.
I keep my Ritzy Ditzy Glitz in the mirror above my table and I moved my desk shelf that my son made me to the far right side of this table. That mirror is a work in progress as well.
RDG Desk Top
I am just going to be honest here, I didn’t touch the shelves on the right side of this room….
Right Side
As you can see, I have an over flowing supply of projects that need to be done and this area also needs some major re-organization! I repurposed the baskets last year and I like how fun they look but their contents leave a lot to be desired.
Messy Shelves
Aaahhh – IKEA! Yes, these are my shelves that my sweet husband bought me from my favorite shopping place.
Book Shelf
So there you have it – my (un) organized Studio. The tables I have in there now are not permanent fixtures, but only to give me an idea of what will work and what will not.
I have been looking at these two tables from IKEA but it leaves me with 2.5 feet of empty space along the wall. This means I either need to find another shelf, or something to fill that empty space.

What do you think? Any suggestions?
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