Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Am I Paranoid?

Okay, so you all saw how I rearranged my little studio. Now my computer sits facing my bedroom. Before it was just facing the bathroom. Shouldn’t be a problem, right?

I am not sure if you are suppose to do this or not, but I leave the lid to my laptop open which means that sometimes it is just sitting there asleep and I mistakenly think it is turned off.

The other night I turned over in bed and saw two green lights shining my way. I told my husband to go find out what it was. It was my computer. It was on, but it was asleep.

That is when the paranoia set in…

The computer lid was open and it has that webcam thingy on it. OH.MY.! I have no idea how it works but shortly after I got it, I somehow pushed the wrong buttons and it came on and there was my own face staring straight back at me! I have never figured it out since – that I know of anyway.

What if that webcam thingy (a.k.a.Computer Eye) turns on and the whole world can see me sleeping?

Extreme paranoia sets in…

I told my husband to make sure the lid on that things was closed and I was going to get some duct tape in the morning.

Well, I came to my senses in the morning – sort of…


Instead of using duct tape or black electrical tape or any of those sorts of things, I decided to dress it up a little. I used a scrapbook sticker! Hey, now there is creativity dontcha ya think?

Now, I wonder, can that computer eye see through the sticker?
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