Friday, March 4, 2011

Little Bags of Gold

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St. Patrick’s Day -  A day where everything we eat, drink, and wear turns green! If we are imaginative we might even find a little Leprechaun sitting next to a “Pot of Gold” at the end of the rainbow.

Your chances of finding that lucky Leprechaun may be slim, but I am here today to show you how you can easily create this fun “Bag of Gold”!
  • Cut pieces of WonderFilm into clovers and horseshoe shapes using a punch or die cutting machine (manual or electronic).
  • Peel off backing and place onto Organza bag. We have 5 x 8 inch Organza bags in the store in a variety of colors for you to choose from
  • Peel off the top covering of the images one at a time and add glitter; brush off excess. (I used Clover, Sea Mist, and Gold Glitter Glitz)
  • Place a small WonderFilm clover onto the small coins and add glitter like you did for the bag.
  • Place a large WonderFilm clover onto the large coins; remove protective covering, then add small clover to the center.
  • Add glitter to large clover; brush off excess.
  • Remove protective covering of small clover that is in the center and glitter with a complimentary color
I used Ritzy Ditzy Glitz to color the paper flower and add shimmer. I also used my Quickie Glue Pen to add adhesive to the edges and glittered with Light Peach Crystal Glitter.
Glitter: Clover, Sea Mist, Gold, Light Peach (P K Glitz) 
WonderFilm (P K Glitz) 
Anti Static Brush (P K Glitz) 
Organza Bags (P K Glitz)
Ritzy Ditzy Glitz: Gold (P K Glitz) 
Quickie Glue Pen (Sakura) 
Paper Flowers
Gold Coin Candy
Die Cutting Machine (Silhouette), optional
Look for a tutorial coming soon on how to create shimmery paper flowers!

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