Thursday, March 3, 2011

Make Your Own Mardi Gras Mask

You are going to be a hit at the Mardi Gras party with one of these masks. They are so simple to make and so much fun!
All you are going to need is
Start off with a plastic mask and remove the elastic band if it has one.
Freehand cut patterns for your mask
Trace them onto your WonderFilm and cut out
Remove backing and places pieces on the mask one at a time.
Remove top covering from one of the pieces; cover with glitter; brush off excess; start on the next section.
If all of your pieces do not match up, take some Sticky tape and make borders around the different color sections and glitter with whatever color you choose.
To add a flourish design to your mask, use the crystal lacquer to dot a design onto the mask; cover with Crystal; tap off excess; and set aside to dry
Cut off a top portion of the feather and run a piece of 1/8” Sticky Tape down the shaft of the feather; glitter with Crystal and brush off the excess
Cut off excess feathers from the remainder piece.
With Sticky Tape adhere the feathers to the reverse side of your mask.
Do you do anything special for Mardi Gras?

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