Monday, March 7, 2011

No Paper, No Glue, No Glitter,…

just pure “Cuteness”!

I’ve told you before that my life is not always consumed with crafts and the like. If you are new to my blog, you are fixing to find out that things around here don’t always involve “Paper and Glue” (the reason for the name of the blog lol).

Last year we half heartedly gave up hope that our Jersey cow, Daisy, would ever breed again but we decided to have her checked out last August anyway, just to be sure. At that time, they said she was about 5 months along. That meant Miss Daisy would have a baby in January!! January came and went and no baby so we took her to be checked out again. The senior vet told us she was 5 months along. Now how can that be, especially since we don’t own a bull and we have to haul Miss Daisy about 2 hours to go visit her boyfriend?

He explained to us that either

  1. the first three vets that checked her out were wrong
  2. or, she was carrying a dead calf

We preferred the first suggestion over the second.

This past week Miss Daisy began making some noticeable changes to her physique – namely her utter began filling up with milk! This was a fantastic sign, but this meant she was either a month and a half early according to the senior vet, or possibly we were going to find out if the second scenario was correct.

Early Saturday afternoon my son told me he thought she would have the calf later that afternoon or possibly the following day. He is a Vet Tech by the way…

By 8 p.m. we were putting Daisy up in her birthing pen and by 11 p.m. Mr. Lucky made his appearance into the cool night air!

Making a grand appearance

Isn’t he just adorable? Yes, another bull calf (no heifers yet) but we are thankful that everyone is just fine and right on time!

Getting-a-bath Whispering-in-my-ear

Fresh milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and more are on the way!!!

I will be working on bringing you tutorials all year long as I begin making some fabulous products from our “Daisy Powered” Jersey Milk!

So, what do you think? He’s pretty cute, huh?

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