Friday, April 1, 2011

Come Join the Party!

Welcome to the 5h annual Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom! This is where it is all happening so make sure you join in the fun – it’s not too late!
In case you don’t know, I am Tammy and I am the face behind, “Not Just Paper and Glue”. Why the name? Because there is so much more to life and I like to share it here with my readers.
I am a wife and mother living on a small farm in the heart of Texas where life is never dull! While some days I wish all I had to do was play with “paper and glue”, and a little LOT of glitter…
for most days, that is just not the case.
Come with me and I will show you around my place………
Having our own milk cow means an abundance of milk…. 5 – 7 gallons a day!!! Here I am making one of my favorite soft cheeses – Chevre…

Sweet Chevre – A Taste of France
…and then using some of it to turn it into a fabulous dessert!
Now that the chores are done, let’s head into the studio to film a tutorial….
You can find all of my tutorials under the Tutorial 101 tab at the top of my blog.
Occasionally we have an unexpected visitor stop by to say “hello”
While cleaning the house, sometimes I get completely inspired and transform throw-away items into really cute and useful storage containers.
One thing is for sure, you will find a vast array of projects - because life is not just about paper and glue; it's a whole lot more!
Now it is your turn… join the Ultimate Blog party, introduce yourself, and make some new friends and possibly reunite with some old ones!
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