Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flea Market Treasures

I go to the various Flea Markets in our area but rarely do I ever find treasures. It seems that everyone else finds fabulous deals but me and it leaves me wondering “where do they live and what flea markets are they going to?”.

Anyone else find themselves thinking along those same lines?

The other day I went to the flea market not once, but TWICE!

I hadn’t been in quite a while and this particular day was beautiful and many vendors were out along with the people.

I saw lots of items that vendors were pretty proud of and the they let you know it by the hefty price tags on the items. We had almost made our way through the entire place when I stumbled upon this spot that had some of the most beautiful wood – at reasonable prices as well!

The first thing that I spotted were these beautiful old windows – for $3 – $5 each! That was a steal of price.

In the picture on the right, do you see that big white frame? I got that for free! Oh yeah!


This particular window was $7 but I couldn’t pass it up because of its unique design.


I loved the distressed look of this drawer front and the drawer. I think I paid $3 each for the drawer and drawer front.


This lovely trunk is what caught my attention first at this booth. It was perfect for our music room since it is done in a rustic western theme. Can you believe that price? Yep. $20! I had looked at a couple of other trunks earlier in the day and they were $100 and lets just say they were “ugly”. This one is gorgeous and has so much character!

When I got home with just a few of these lovely items I realized I had to go back and get more. I think this is the first time I have ever gone back to a flea market on the same day. LOL


I got this board which they told me was 100 years old. I don’t know if it really is or not so I will just have to believe them. The price? Free! See all of those drawer fronts? $5 for the whole pile!!


I think this door is awesome and the knob on the reverse side is a treasure. Price for this? Free! They had a price tag of $5 on the old gate but they gave that to me for Free as well. Did you see the stilts? Yep, got them for Free.


The aqua jars were $15. I am not sure if that was a deal or not, but they made me happy. I paid $10 for the old shoes. The hand painted wooden shoe form was $3 and the other one was $2.

Not bad for a day at the flea market. Are you wondering what I am going to do with all of this stuff? Well, I am wondering the same thing too but I do have lots of ideas whirling around my head.

Got any ideas you would like to share on what I could do with all of this?

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