Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Reader Asks… and a Tutorial

Back in February I posted a business card holder that I made from a Scrapbook kit I had received from Dixie Pieces. I always to try answer any questions that my readers have, but sometimes it takes me awhile. My motto these days are “better late, than never!”
Mallorey from The Family Burns! asked…
Love those colors!
Is that a business card holder? I would love to see a tutorial on that! Maybe a little bigger to use as a check or cash envelope.
Mallory, this is for you, and all of your friends and mine!
My sweet friend Michele, from the The Scrap Shoppe is on maternity leave so I decided to answer Mallory’s question and help Michele out at the same time.
Finished-bc-closed magnet 
I created a pattern and tutorial for this business card holder and posted all of the instructions on Michele’s blog. Make sure you stop by The Scrap Shoppe for all of the details. 

Download Business Card Holder Pattern
Download Business Card Holder Instructions
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