Monday, May 30, 2011

Corrugated Cardboard Frame

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it is time to start crafting for Dad. If you are like me though, it is hard to come up with ideas.

To me, “dad projects” need to have lots of texture along with rich colors and the gift needs to have a purpose. I decided make a simple frame that dad’s could hang up in their office or work area and would hold those smaller school photos or snapshots.
When I saw a piece of cardboard laying on my table, I knew this would be the perfect base for my frame.

I first cut the cardboard to the desired size and then tore off the top layer to expose the corrugation.
I didn’t want to change the color of the cardboard but I did want to deepen it some so I thinned some brown acrylic paint with water and brushed it on to cardboard.

Dad’s don’t require a lot of sparkle, so I just drizzled glitter in various colors onto the wet paint and allow it to dry.

While I was waiting for my cardboard to dry, I cut my Sticky Paper to a size would fit into a vertical badge holder.

I then cut my patterned paper slightly smaller and adhered it to the center of my Sticky Paper.

I used Chocolate Glitter around the exposed edge of the Sticky Paper. This gave it a little shine but still kept the masculine look of the project.

Using my Silhouette, I cut some letters and a heart from Sticky Paper. Words_thumb
Using French Vanilla, glitter the letters and the Heart with Renaissance.

At this point your cardboard frame should be dry and the glitter should be adhered to the cardboard. Y

You will also notice that because the glitter is embedded into the paint, it reduced the shimmer of the glitter therefore lending itself to be more masculine.  

Cut a heart that is just slightly larger than your glittered heart and layer them together.

Cover your three brads with Sticky Tape and glitter them with Chocolate.
Brad_thumbPlace your photo onto the Sticky Paper mat and slip into your badge holder 

Using one of the brads, attach the photo clip to the cardboard and place ribbons into the holes in the clear badge holder. Attach to the photo clip.
To make a hanger, attach brads to the top corners of the cardboard and wrap twine around brads and secure.

Finally, adhere your letters and heart to your cardboard frame to complete the project.


Glitter: Chocolate, Steel, Hunter Green, Renaissance, NST Copper, French Vanilla (P K Glitz) 
Sticky Paper (P K Glitz) 
Sticky Tape: (P K Glitz) 
Anti Static Brush (P K Glitz) 
Brads (3)
Acrylic Paint
Photo Clip
Badge Holder

What have you created with cardboard?

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