Monday, May 23, 2011

Less than perfect Homemade Bread

A few weeks back, Liz from Sunny Bug, asked if I would show her readers how to make homemade bread. Of course, when I am put on the spot, that usually means something will go wrong. 

This day, the bread did just fine, but I had pulled out the wrong bread pans to use which meant that my bread did not rise properly. 

So, we are going to make Apple Butter from Apples.... well sorta... it's just how the old saying goes....

Let's start by showing you how to grind your own wheat in to flour.

Now, I don’t expect everyone to make the decision to rush out and purchase their own wheat grinder and start purchasing wheat berries in 40 pounds containers, but I thought it would be fun to show you how anyway. After all, isn’t everyone into grinding their own coffee beans? So why not your wheat?

Watch this quick video on how I grind my own wheat – it definitely isn’t the way that grandma used to do it!

Did you enjoy that? I hope you did, even if it is something you would never consider doing yourself.

Now, on to making bread. I will tell you upfront that this is the first time that I have used this particular recipe in over a year. I thought I was doing really well until I grabbed the loaf pans to put the bread into. They were the wrong size and instead of my bread rising “up” it sort of went “out and then up” – kind of like me LOL The bread itself was fine but it was rather thin when sliced. This just goes to show you that not everything I do turns out perfect every time (like you thought that anyway….)
So there you have it – Homemade bread!

Did I do okay or should I just stick to my crafting?

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