Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Last year you may remember how I transformed a galvanized can that I found in our barn into a cute dog food container.

With the Texas heat this summer, and the fact that our Golden Retriever is lonely outside by himself (he lost his mate a couple of years ago), he has made his way into the house with the Yorkies. He is living the life of luxury and easy and has discovered that air conditioning is his best friend.
With the new addition to the house, this also meant that I would need a place to keep his food – which was a 40 lb bag rather than the 25 lb bag that the Yorkies have.
I went searching through the barn once again for another container that would fit his larger bag and finally found this one.
Metal-CanNot real impressive, huh?
At first I thought I could fit both bags of dog food into the one container I would just redo it like the original pink can but they did not both fit. I decided to move this larger container it to the dining area and store the larger bag of food there.
The theme in that room is roosters and the accent color is a burnt red. To give this barn can a makeover,  I purchased Claret Wine and Nutmeg Rust-oleum spray paint in Satin. My intent was to use the Claret Wine as an undercoat and put the nutmeg over the top and then distress the can once it was dry.
When I began to spray the Nutmeg over the Claret Wine I stood back and gave it a light spray. Instead of a solid light covering of color, I got this speckled look – and I like it!!! I began trying to repeat the technique until I had completely covered the can and the lid.
Because the can would contain dog food I kept trying to come up with a “dog themed” design. Then one day, I thought, “why?” The dog’s can’t read so it isn’t like they are going to be offended. LOL
I came up with this design using my Silhouette but I needed some vinyl that would match. I called Scrapville in Greenville and inquired about the color of vinyl that I was looking for. One of the owners said she had a color that was similar to what i was describing so I asked if she could text me a picture. Sure enough, just the color I was looking for! 
I just love how a little vinyl will easily dress up a project!
In case your are wondering, the dogs have not even noticed the chickens on the container that holds their food. If they have, it doesn’t bother them.
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