Saturday, August 27, 2011

Have I taken it too far?

I’ve heard the phrase, “If it doesn’t move, I’ll alter it”. It seems that my motto is, “If it doesn’t move, I’ll bling it”.

I have seen scissors that have had the blades covered with paper and packaged in various ways for Teacher Gifts. They are all really cute ideas, just like this one below from Skip to My Lou, but they just seem to be lacking something……

Glitter! That is what they need!

But how would I add glitter to scissors and make sure it was durable at the same time?

WonderFilm, of course!

  • Cut your WonderFilm so that it fits the shape of each blade and adhere. (trim any excess if needed)
  • Remove the top protective covering from the WonderFilm and lay a piece of lace over the top (this will provide a pattern for the colors)

While the glitter would adhere very well to the WonderFilm, I was unsure of the durability of glitter being used on scissors. I chose to use E P Max; an opaque Embossing Glitter that looks like regular glitter!

  • Sprinkle with E P Max over the lace
  • Remove lace and cover with lightest color of E P Max
  • Heat scissor blades with your heat tool.

Glitter-Scissors  Glitter-Scissors-upcloseI love the tapestry pattern received by using the E P Max and lace combination.

E P Max (P K Glitz)
WonderFilm (P K Glitz)
Heat Tool (P K Glitz)

My family thinks I have taken the “bling” just a bit too far but I promised I would not try to add any sparkle to the utility scissors or those found in my husband’s workshop.

What do you think?

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