Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Pumpkin Banner

As most of you know, I am not much into Jack-o-lanterns and scary goblins, but I do like pumpkins. Whether you make them into a pie, or cookies, or home décor, pumpkins symbolize fall.

Here is a fun little decoration to add to your Fall décor. It can be customized to your color scheme along with any theme. The possibilities are endless with this project.


This project is for indoor use only.

I must have been having too much fun making this project because I did not get all of the step-by-step pictures for this project. Sorry. If you have questions, please leave a message in the comments or email me and I will try to help.


  • Cover one side of pumpkin with patterned paper and the other side with WonderFilm
  • Remove WonderFilm and apply Pumpkin Embossing Powder to the body and Gilded Grape Leaf to the stem
    (I used an Xacto knife to cut the WonderFilm so that I could remove only parts that I wanted to color at the time)
  • With a stylus you can draw pumpkin lines and then apply E P Max Pumpkin to fill in the lines.
    Step-3_thumb Step-3b_thumb
  • Heat embossing powder with heat tool
  • Cut letters from WonderFilm and patterned paper; on embossed side apply WonderFilm then add paper letter before adding the E P Max Black; Banner-EP-upclose_thumb[4]
  • On patterned paper side, apply embossing ink to edges and add E P Lite Pumpkin; heat set
  • Apply WonderFilm letter to patterned paper; remove covering and add second letter on top but do not remove top covering. Apply E P Max to cover the background letter then remove center letter covering and apply E P Max Pumpkin. Heat set

If you would like to make the leaves that go in between each pumpkin then you will need coordinating glitter glitz colors.


  • Cut leaves from Leaf Border Acetate and apply to WonderFilm 
  • Remove backing and sprinkle coordinating glitters onto the WonderFilm
  • Cut out each leaf
  • Cut out a second set of leaves and apply to WonderFilm but do not glitter.
  • Cut out each leaf and remove WonderFilm backing
  • Sandwich between the fishing line


What do you think?
Are you ready to make your own Pumpkin Banner?

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