Thursday, October 20, 2011

With Sympathy

Making a Sympathy card is my least favorite thing to do as I am sure it is for everyone else. Regardless, those times comes when we need to send a card of condolence to a friend or relative.

The Lilies and Cross Art Acetate is an appropriate image for such a card.


You might also choose the Easter Lily Bouquet Art Acetate for a Sympathy card or possibly a special “Thank You” card.


Glitter: Light Yellow, Orange Sherbet, Spring Green, White Pearl, Buttered Rum (P K Glitz)
Art Acetate: Easter Lily Bouquet, Lilies and Cross (P K Glitz)
Powder Keg Embossing Powder: Buttered Rum (P K Glitz)
Emboss It (Ranger)
Anti Static Brush (P K Glitz)
Anti Static Powder (P K Glitz)
Crystal Lacquer (Sakura)

Whatever the occasion may be, creating a handmade card will let the recipient know how much you care.

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