Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Glitzing your Digital Images or Stamped Images

This summer, Jim from P K Glitz, wowed many of you by adding sparkle and bling  to P K Prints.
With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought I would give you a refresher course of this fabulous technique. I know I will be using this on my cards this year!
Supplies you will need: P K Glitz Print: (P K Glitz)
E P Lite: (P K Glitz) Quickie Glue Pen (Sakura) Embossing Tool (Milwaukee)
Watercolor Pencils (or other medium)
First, let me tell you “why” we use E P Lite. E P Lite is a transparent embossing powder that gives your project a wonderful high gloss finish with a hint of sparkling color. Since this product is “transparent” it will not hide the image or color that is underneath.


You will want to start off by choosing the print that you want to use on your project and then color in using watercolor pencils (or another medium).

Once your image is colored in, get out your Quickie Glue Pen and choose colors in E P Lite that will coordinate with your image colors.

Decide which color you are going to use first then apply your Quickie Glue pen where you want the highlights of your first color to be.

Pour the E P Lite onto the image; pour excess powder back into the jar.
***Continue with the next color by applying your Quickie Glue Pen to the areas you want to highlight and adding the coordinating E P Lite. ***

Once you have applied all of your E P Lite colors, use your heat tool to emboss.
Here are a couple of images that are ready to be used on a project.
Won’t this be a wonderful technique to use on your holiday
cards this year?
Some of Jim’s Samples:
BD-Cake-on-Plate_thumb3 Butterfly-on-Hibiscus_thumb4
Birthday Cake on Plate Butterfly on Hibiscus
Cat_thumb2 Wings-Furled_thumb2
Cat Wings Unfurled

Mice Mixed Bouquet
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