Saturday, November 19, 2011

Last Minute Table Decorations, Part 2

As seen on the P K Glitz blog

Thursday I showed you how to create a pretty place card for your Thanksgiving table. Today I am going to show you how to create a glitzy napkin ring. This is really a fairly simple project.


Glitter: New England Autumn, Buttered Rum, Gilded Grape Leaf, Poppy Jasper,
Purple Reign, Carnival (P K Glitz)

Sticky Tape: ¼” (P K Glitz)
Anti Static Brush (P K Glitz)
3 D Crystal Lacquer
Snap Ring
Glass & Frames
Jumpring or wire
3 D Crystal Lacquer
Clear Acetate


  • Use an open leaf stamp image and stamp twice with Staz-on onto the extra acetate from the Fall Leaf Border.
  • On the back side of one stamped image, add Crystal Lacquer and glitter as you did before; let dry.
  • Wrap Sticky Tape around snap ring, jump ring, and all sides of frame (make sure you leave the frame open so the glass can be inserted later)
  • Remove covering from the Sticky Tape and add glitter.
  • When image is dry, cut out both images (one should be glittered and the other just stamped.
  • Make sure you brush away all of the extra glitter so you don’t get stray glitter in between your glass.
  • Sandwich the two images together between the glass and place into the framed
  • Close up the frame and add any extra tape and glitter that is necessary.
  • Assemble the frame onto the ring. 
If you already have pretty napkin rings, you may even try adding a little glitz to give them an updated look.
On Monday I will be showing you a special treat for the children

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