Monday, November 21, 2011

Last Minute Thanksgiving Table Decorations, Part 3

Welcome back to my “last minute decorating” series.
Today I have project that will make the younger children attending your Thanksgiving get-together feel special. When the bag is complete, fill with special homemade treats or a small game that will keep the younger guest entertained.


Embossing Powder: New England Autumn, Buttered Rum, Gilded Grape Leaf (P K Glitz)
E P Max:Carnival,Wine(P K Glitz)
E P Lite: Purple Reign (P K Glitz)
Anti Static Brush (P K Glitz)
WonderFilm (P K Glitz)
Quickie Glue Pen (P K Glitz)
Fabric Bag


  • Cut images and words from WonderFilm using any manual or electronic die cutting machine.  Fall-Bag-upclose_thumb[2]
  • Remove backing from WonderFilm images and apply to the fabric bag. 
  • Remove one image at a time and begin to add embossing powders to the WonderFilm image. 
  • Brush off between each color application 
  • Once the first image is complete, continue with each additional image. 
  • Doodle on the bag with your Quickie Glue pen and add the E P Lite Purple Reign or other color 
  • With your heat tool, melt powder. 
Your bag is complete!

NOTE: You may want to wash your fabric prior to adding the WonderFilm to remove the sizing. Also, pretest your fabric; the heat from the embossing tool could scorch or destroy your fabric. As an alternative to the embossing powder, you can use P K Glitz Glitter and no heat is required.

To personalize the bag, you could put each child's name in place of the "Happy Fall".

Don’t miss tomorrow’s final segment of
“Last Minute Thanksgiving Table Decorations”

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