Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Land of Glitter and Embossing Powder

Hello out there!!!
It's me… Tammy… remember?
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I used to make really neat crafty items, and you would comment and “ooooo” and “aaaahhhh” over them?
I was going to tell you this funny story about my life since October 2011 but honestly, so much has happened that I realized it would probably take weeks (or months) to write it all down.
Here is the summary since October 2011:
Cell Phones
iPhone 3gs
Samsung Infuse
Pantech Flip Phone
iPhone 4s
Sent in to Geek Squad for RAM or hard drive issues; non working optical drive; plus other issues
Replaced keyboard – solved all problems (HA)
Online Geek Squad repair
too many calls and pieces of advice to count – but all eventually saying RAM or Motherboard issues
In store Geek Squad repair
Can’t replace RAM because of the equipment; restored laptop; Anti virus checks (multiple); scans of every imaginable kind, etc.
I have logged close to 1,000 miles taking the phones and laptop in for repairs; over 24 hours of calls to support/help desk/customer service; 3 week of lost work time; and spoke to more supervisors and managers that really didn’t care whether any of my issues were resolved or not.
Since I work from home as the Marketing & Sales Rep for P K Glitz, my laptop and phone are my two pieces of equipment that I need to run my business. It is hard to estimate the amount of money that has been lost due to the stress of the entire situation, plus gasoline, wear and tear on the vehicle, etc.
At the time of this writing, my laptop is still at the in store Geek Squad center and was suppose to be repaired and returned to me 2 days ago; no phone calls; no updates; no customer service.
I will say that after 4 months of tears, heartache, loss of work, and so much more, Apple has made things right with my iPhone and I am now in possession of an iPhone 4s (great phone, but I still don’t know what all the fuss is since it the same as my 3gs – only slightly smaller).
As for Best Buy and their Black Tie Service Plan and Online Geek Squad support – the verdict is still out.
The one thing that I have discovered through this process is that you spend hundreds of dollars on warranties at time of purchase; but in reality it would have been less expensive to throw away the broken piece of equipment and purchase a new one. It may seem ridiculous at the time, but it has been my experience, that it will not be fixed the first time and when they can’t figure it out, they will start to blame the problem on something you are doing wrong. Of course, they change their tune when it starts happening to them (which was the case with the phones and the laptop).
I am telling you all of this to say “I NEED A BREAK!”.
I have to regain my focus and I still have the laptop issue that needs to be resolved.
I am focusing every bit of energy I have into P K Glitz.
All of my creative juices will be channeled that direction, so I ask you to please stick with me and join me at my “Vacation Home” -
Will I ever come back here? I hope so – that is my plan anyway – I just don’t know when.
This has been a hard decision in fear that some of you may not want to "Vacation” with me in the “Land of Glitter and Embossing Powder”.
I think it will be fun, so at least give it a try….
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