Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Glitter Eggs

I thought this would be a fun little project to create for spring / Easter. I am reposting this from the P K Glitz blog last year.

Darcie, one of our lovely P K Glitz blog readers, spied the sparkly eggs in our blog banner this month and wanted to know how to make them.

Make sure you look all the way at the bottom to find a store in your area that is featuring this project.


  1. Remove backing from Sticky Paper
  2. Drizzle first glitter color choice over the paper; brush off excess
  3. Drizzle second glitter color choice onto the remainder of the Sticky Paper; brush off excess
  4. Make sure the entire piece of Sticky Paper is covered with glitter before proceeding
  5. Repeat the above process with the remainder of the colors, using only 2 colors per quarter sheet
  6. Punch flower shapes from each of the glittered quarters
  7. Add vertical rows of Sticky Tape on your Smoothfoam egg.
  8. Make a loop with your organdy ribbon and attach it to the top with a straight pin. With another piece of ribbon, tie a bow around the base of the loop.
  9. Lay each flower (glitter side up) in the palm of your cupped hand, and gently press the center with a stylus. This will cause all of the flower petals to be lifted up.
  10. Remove covering off of Sticky Tape one strip at a time and begin placing flowers randomly along the Sticky Tape.
  11. Use the end of your stylus to press in the center of each flower to make sure they are secure on the tape.
  12. Continue this process until the egg is completely covered.
  13. If desired, you can add a small piece of sticky tape to one area of your ribbon tails to hold them in place against your finished egg. This step is optional.

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