Monday, February 25, 2013

A Wee Bit Irish

I married an Irishman, so I figure that makes me "A Wee Bit Irish", don't you think? 

When I found this St. Patty's Day Hat I thought it was cute, but I wanted to "make it my own"; so here is what I did....

Irish, Glitter, Glitz, St. Patty's Day

  • I began by cutting 2 Shamrocks; one from yellow cardstock and the other from Sticky Paper.
  • Die cut the phrase "A Wee Bit Irish" from the Sticky Paper Shamrock.

Irish, Glitter, Glitz, St. Patty's Day

  • Cover the Sticky Paper Shamrock with Clover Glitter Glitz and adhered it to the yellow Shamrock.
  • Remove the buckle from the hat and cut a piece of WonderFilm to place over the top. 

Irish, Glitter, Glitz, St. Patty's Day
  • Add Sunshine Glitter Glitz to the buckle that is covered in WonderFilm
  • Replace buckle and attach finished shamrock to the hat with Sticky Tape. 
I think I will qualify for being just a "wee bit Irish" this year!

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