Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easy to make Bluebird Easter Greeting

Easter seems to be so early this year but that is okay with me!

I love Easter because of what it represents to me spiritually. It also lets me know that spring has arrived! The birds are singing, the flowers and trees are blooming, and everything (including myself) seems to "come alive"!

I recently needed to send a card so I decided to use one of the Easter Vintage Hues from P K Glitz. I have to tell you that this is probably the quickest card I have ever made!

Not Just Paper and Glue, Easter, Card, Glitter, Vintage, Bluebirds,

Let me tell you how I did it....
  • Cut a card template from cardstock using my Silhouette
  • Cut a piece of Sticky Paper to fit the image size of my Vintage Hues
  • Removed the cover sheet from my Sticky Paper and covered with Crystal Glitter Glitz
  • Applied the Vintage Hues to my glittered Sticky Paper using scraps of WonderFilm
  • Cut a brown piece of cardstock slightly larger than my glittered Vintage Hues
  • Use Sticky Tape to adhere the Vintage Hues to the brown mat
  • Add image to front center of card using Sticky Tape
  • Add a silver ribbon bow to top

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