Friday, April 19, 2013

Project Life: Scenes from America's Midwest

I've been telling myself all year that I was going to take part in +Becky Higgins  Project Life but I had not started one single page, until last night!

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Project Life: Illinois Barns
My brother-in-law passed away in late March and that required an unexpected trip to the Midwest. On our drive home I just couldn't help but notice all of the beautiful farms, and in particular, the "old barns". This sparked a series of pictures taken with my iPhone 4S which has resulted in my very first digital Project Life page.

It is a simple page, but none-the-less, the pictures are documented and will hopefully make it in to an album that I want to title "America's Highways" (or something like that anyway).

Have you been keeping up with Project Life or have you been procrastinating like me?

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