Friday, July 26, 2013

Pinterst Guest Spotlight

Pinterest Spotlight

I'm Tammy, the creative mind behind Not Just Paper and Glue. My love for crafting goes beyond paper, although paper is where it all started. I also have my own webshow called "Crafty Interviews" along with helping mom bloggers and crafters get started doing their own webshows and online tutorials.

I'm thrilled to be back here at Pinterest Feature Friday as a guest. I am just thrilled to see how much it has grown from it's humble beginnings. Pinterest is just awesome, what can I say?

Today's featured pinner is Cher, a fellow Texan. She has some amazing boards and if you ever want to find something to do in Texas, she has plenty of ideas for ya. 
Life. Design. and the Pursuit of Craftiness

I don't know about you, but when I find out a friend is sick or under the weather, I have no idea what to do for them, until now...
Gifts, Sick & Hard Time, Pinterest Board

Still pondering where to go for a summer vacation?
Texas - DFW
Texas - DFW, Travel, Pinterest Board

Does your Patio or Garden need a little sprucing up?
Outdoor & Garden 
Outdoor & Garden, Pinterest Board

Here are just a few of my favorite pins that I found....

I dream of having a summer porch just like this one.
Summer Porch

I love, love, love to find color inspiration from everyday items.
Color Inspiration, Hues

If you live in Texas then you know we have more to offer than one can imagine. With this Texas Bucket List, we should never run out of places to go or things to do.
Texas Bucket List

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of Pinterest finds from Cher at Life. Design. and the Pursuit of Craftiness.

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