Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Craft Coach Can Show You How

  • Do you wish you had someone to show you how to do a craft technique you have seen on the internet? 
  • How about your own personal craft coach? 
  • Or maybe you would like to have a scrapbook or paper craft get-together with some of your friends (near or far)? 
Today, many of us are so spread out from our friends and family that it is difficult to get together for a “craft night” but I have a solution…

With a little a lot of help from the internet, I can help you organize a craft night with friends whether they live close by or you are separated by hundreds of miles.

Sometimes your best friend (and craft expert) has been called away on business or has taken a family vacation and you need help with a particular technique or craft project….

I can be your own Personal Craft Coach!

Last year I taught a class at Kim’s Crafts & Scrapbooking in Scappoose, OR via the internet. That’s right! I was in Texas while Kim and her customer’s were in Oregon taking my class.

Here is the edited version of the class I taught that evening…

If you are interested in finding out more about the services offered from The Craft Coach then click HERE.

The Craft Coach is a “Pay-it-Forward” service to the crafting community.

DISCLAIMER (aka the “un-fun” stuff you gotta write)

Not all applicants will be selected to recieve services from The Craft Coach. Each applicant should keep in mind that this is a "Family Friendly" site and should be treated as such. Tammy Malone, The Craft Coach, and Not Just Paper and Glue reserve the right to unapprove, cancel, change, or ban any applicant for any reason.

It's so much easier if we just all play nice, okay? :)

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