Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Owl Sticky Note Holder

If you look at my desk, you will definitely see it covered with lots of notes. 

Honestly, it doesn't provide a very creative atmosphere.

In approximately 3 minutes, today's tutorial will show you how to create this adorable
Miss Hoo Sticky Note Holder.

Just click the play button.....

For more Sticky Note Ideas take a look at this project.

The digital files used in today's tutorial can be purchased at the Digi Playground store.

http://digiplayground.com/3d-fold-over-sticky-note-holder-with-pen-SKU18322.html                         http://digiplayground.com/Baking-Tag-Set-of-4.html

                   3D Fold Over Sticky Note Holder                             Baking Tag Set of 4
                                                                      by Jamie Cripps


Miss Hoo’s
 by Doohikey Designs

Thank you for joining me today!

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