Though you have the talent and the skills to be a good artist, you still need to understand that you have to interact with the art community to be a well-known figure in your niche. If you wish to grow as an artist, you need to connect.

First, you want to find the right niche. You might want to connect with organizations to get your work on display. If not, you can also go online and build a community there. You will be surprised by how many people would love to support upcoming and struggling artists.

Next, you might want to keep on working consistently. Whether you are selling your work or you simply find enjoyment on what you do, you want to be consistent to be seen as a prominent artist in your niche. Also, you can collaborate with other artists and upcoming brands. A lot of brands tend to gravitate towards artists that can represent them. Maybe, you can design a shirt or a shoe? By constantly connecting with people and groups, you will be surprised how your network is going to grow in the coming years.