A lot of people hesitate to become a full-time artist thinking that this lifestyle will lead to unpaid bills. Perhaps, clients don’t really provide a consistent income. On top of that, you have people who think that art is cheap. Just imagine the hours logged in creating your masterpiece only to find out that no one is interested in buying it?

If you wish to become a full-time artist, be sure that you are flexible when it comes to doing art. Be sure that you are willing to take projects that get paid. For instance, there is a growing demand for artists for digital media. These can be used for social media promotions. But of course, some of these art designs won’t exactly interest you. But then, it pays the bills. You just have to look at it in a way wherein you are still an artist at the end of the day though you compromise a bit to pay the bills.

Would you want to be working another job and forget your skills? A lot of artists stop because of this. Working as a digital artist, for instance, isn’t exactly a bad deal.